Welcome to Momentum Sales Academy!

Stephanie Fessel is the Director of Professional Development for Allen Tate, REALTORS in Charlotte, North Carolina and the founder of Momentum Sales Academy training blog for real estate professionals. 

Momentum Sales Academy training program and training blog focuses on three key areas of real estate training and coaching.

  1. Helping real estate professionals examine their belief systems and develop a course of action, enabling them to be successful in today’s real estate market.
  2. Helping real estate professionals abandon any old habits, myths and lies that keep them from developing a new mindset and commitment to change.
  3. Helping real estate professionals realize they are a true value to buyers and sellers, thereby enhancing their confidence and abilities to better serve their customers.

Momentum Sales Academy training program and blog is designed for the real estate professional who really wants to make a commitment to change, who wants to get down to business, and has an open mind to learn new and innovative ways of conducting business in today’s everchanging social media landscape.

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